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This community blog is for announcing, recommending, watching, and discussing video trailers to books and other writings.

"Trailers" are broadly defined here as videos that promote books and other writings. Trailers can take a variety of forms, from dramatizations to author interviews.

Trailers to any type of writings are welcome: fiction or nonfiction, traditionally published or self-published, in print, audio, or electronic format. Trailers in any language are welcome.

This blog is intended for people who are permitted to read fiction in the adult section of their public library. Adult supervision is recommended for minors visiting this blog, as videos with mature content may occasionally be announced here.


Anyone may reply to posts. To start a new thread, you need to join LiveJournal and then join this community (through the link at the top of this page).


When you announce or recommend a video, please mention the author, book title, and genre(s), so that the video can be properly tagged by the moderator. If a production company made the video, you can mention their name also.

Please keep copyright issues in mind when making videos. If you need advice on the use of copyrighted material in your videos, go right ahead and ask the other members here.

In addition to providing a link to the video, embedding videos is fine. However, please place any embedded video behind an lj-cut. That way, people who are on slow, dial-up connections won't have to wait a long time for the main page of this blog to load.


Digital storytelling: You may announce "digital booktalks" and other forms of digital storytelling, provided that they promote writings which existed before the video was made, or were created at the same time as the video. If the story doesn't exist except in the form of a video, this is the wrong place to announce your video.

Fan videos: Fan videos that reshape the original story or use copyrighted material should be posted at forums set up for those videos, such as fan_vids, fandomvideos, vidding, or vidding_archive. However, fan vidders are welcome to announce or recommend other types of book videos here or to pass on their technical advice about making videos.

Videos not safe for work: If your video has mature content or otherwise has content that would not be appropriate for viewing in the workplace, please indicate this in the post.

Professional videos: If you are a film-maker or a member of a production company that regularly makes videos related to writings, feel free to post an introduction, describing your work and linking to your Website.

Technical discussions: Discussions of the technical issues involved in making book videos are welcome.

Promoting Websites and LiveJournal communities: Video-makers and authors are welcome to include links to their Websites in posts about their trailers. Otherwise, please keep links – including community promotions – related to book videos, digital storytelling, or technical advice on making videos.

Any questions may be e-mailed to the moderator, Dusk Peterson.
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